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14 years

RSS Feed: Cercolavoro.com Customized Job Search

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RSS Feed: Cercolavoro.com Customized Job Search

Cercolavoro.com is now offering its content through the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) system, a simple and convenient way to be keep yourself updated in real time. Thanks to RSS feeds you can receive updates on new jobs posted by companies at Cercolavoro.com in real time. Furthermore, those who have a blog can share Cercolavoro.com jobs in a simple and fast way.

All you need to access RSS contents in just a few simple steps is an Internet connection and a special program called "aggregator". You can find many of them online which can be downloaded to your computer or used on the web (check out the list of aggregators at the bottom of the page). Some aggregators perfectly integrate with the main browsers and the most widely used email programs.

Cercolavoro.com distributes the titles of the jobs, requirements by companies and the address which is necessary to apply to such ads via Rss. RSS feeds are therefore the ideal way to learn about the latest jobs even while working on other documents or visiting other sites.

Cercolavoro.com RSS feeds
To obtain the address of the Cercolavoro.com RSS, click on the RSS symbol next to here:

Or you can create your own Cercolavoro.com RSS according to your interests:
to create a customized feed, you must carry out a search based on your favorite criteria and then copy the address which appears in the browser’s address bar and paste the link into your favorite aggregator.

Generate a rss feed by selecting one or more criteria

Examples of search criteria (like those used on google)

sales agent Find results that contain both the words sales (and) agent;

"sales agent" Find results that contain the exact following string "sales agent";

sales OR Agent Find results that contain the word sales or agent;

sales -agent Find results that contain the word sales excluding agent;

Search criteria examples (full text mysql)

agent* Find results that contain all the words starting with agent;

+sales agent Find results that contain the word sales,and optionally the word agent;

Searches using an automatic "and"
Cercolavoro.com (like Google) will only find pages that contain all searched terms by automatically adding Boolean operator "and". To further limit the search, all you have to do is add more terms.

Excluding words in a search
If you wish to exclude a word in your search, simply enter the minus sign ("-") before the term you wish to exclude (remember to add a space before the minus sign).

Phrase search
To search phrases using Cercolavoro.com (like with Google), all you have to do is open inverted commas.

Cercolavoro.com will delete dashes, slashes, dots and the equal sign.

Only words made up of at least three characters will be considered in the search.

General Tips
To optimize or restrict a search, just add more words to those which have already been entered. If other words are added, then a subset of the pages viewed after the first search will be displayed.

List of Aggregators
There are different types of aggregators, depending on the kind of computer, operating system and, in some cases, on the browser which is being used.

Sharpreader Windows http://www.sharpreader.net
Urss plug-ins Mozilla http://urss.mozdev.org
Straw Linux https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Attic/Straw
Our rss has been validated by [Valid RSS]