Corporate architecture, international exhibition, brand design, Show Room - Retail Advertising, Communication.
Our projects don’t follow a linear, “mathematical” approach, instead we apply a disjointed method, which might be slightly more complicated to manage but gives us the advantage of flexibility.
We don’t follow a rigorous guideline, in which every element is bound to it’s surroundings, instead, shifting our focus on disconnections, every element becomes a creative opportunity through an approach that disjoins it from its backdrop.
Each and every client, project and brief, each idea is “number one”, a single element that will be engaged independently, with the most appropriate design framework. The sum of these “number one” elements combines the different experiences and creates a versatile design resource pool. This process creates new discontinuity and that in turn multiplies our potential design approaches.
We take great care in the details and how they fit together, therefore by distinguishing and integrating the different elements, we tailor the approach for every single project we undertake.

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